Control Systems


In many business environments, such as boardrooms or a control room, there are a number of elements that require control. This leads to multiple remotes and endless button pressing just to get one element operational. Multiple control elements are a frustration that can easily be avoided by the incorporation of an easy-to-use control system.

Shellard Media’s control systems are designed to simplify managing a room’s technology resources. We offer more than just a touch panel. We present a seamless process developed for your unique requirements. We assist in the supply, installation and programming of the system to suit each client’s needs.

Our engineers have extensive experience in installing efficient user interfaces with reliable touch panel control. We proudly support Crestron Control Systems and AMX configuration and design and implement a system that takes into consideration all elements that our client would want included.

Touch pads are matched to your corporate colours, one control system is integrated with all equipment in the room to control everything from lighting and blinds to sounds and screens, ensuring that you benefit from total control over your presentation environment and audio visual solution.

Shellard Media’s installation of control systems offers intuitive touch panel operation with a single point of control, which means multiple remotes are a thing of the past. Our client specific programming guarantees custom design software. Remote management from any desktop ensures ongoing operation. A standard approach to programming is adapted. All our programming is completed in-house, maintaining a solid commitment to prompt installation and cost-reduction.