Control Rooms


Control rooms serve as the nerve centre of any operation. Up to date and timely information is critical for the running of any control room which can be extremely challenging in today’s environment.

Shellard Media ensure that your control room functions at its optimal capacity by only installing superior quality products selected to meet your control room requirements. We are able to deliver according to your specifications with our highly-experienced engineering team that have over 20 years of industry experience.

Our infrastructure focuses on attention to detail that is backed up with a unique in-house service offering. This offering means no sub-contracting delivering faster turnaround on installation. Built from the ground up we integrate all of the components necessary to have a fully functional control room, from displays, video streaming as well as integration of boardrooms. Our in house support offers 24 hour assistance to maintain your steady stream of information and monitoring.

Video wall solutions meet the demands of monitoring applications with high-quality video displays and information feeds. We provide instant access to real-time intelligence with our implementation solutions, offering 24/7 reliability.

Engineered to the customer’s unique specifications Shellard Media implements a total solution incorporating the client’s specific design and installation requirements for an optimal control room environment.

We ensure custom solution engineering through training, engineering and installation. Ongoing maintenance of control rooms keeps your rooms running smoothly at all times. Shellard Media delivers benchmark performance with innovative visual technologies and world-class service and support.

Shellard Media offers flexible solutions that are of the highest quality with a low overall cost of ownership.