Shellard Media’s boardroom solutions enable our clients to conduct business more efficiently and productively. Over 40 years of experience in the audio visual industry guarantees a solid turnkey offering of boardroom solutions. Collaborative solutions provide a streamlined process for planning and conducting effective meetings. Through our boardroom solutions we offer face-to-face collaboration that is specific to your requirements.

We go to great lengths to incorporate your requirements into the boardroom design, creating a tailor-made solution. In the pre-implementation stages we consult with your architects to ensure optimum integration of design and infrastructure. Whether your boardrooms require across the board standardization or a unique design we deliver according to your specific prerequisites.

Products installed are only of the most superior quality backed by the best product support. Boardrooms are pre-engineered prior to installation to guarantee that your boardroom is up and running without delay and any unforeseen expenses avoided. We back you up with 24 hour customer service and solid customer support.

Multiple systems are incorporated to create an environment that is more productive and simpler to manage. Products are only sourced locally which means faster turnaround times and prompt solution implementation.

High quality audio/ video solutions are implemented for superior performance. Control panels enable you to control all aspects of the room including lighting and sound as well as closing of drapes and controlling of presentations.

Shellard Media’s superior boardroom design and implementation is reinforced by decades of experience in the video conferencing industry, consistently delivering optimally functioning boardrooms. Which means that we know how deliver the smart way.