Commercial Displays

Breakthrough picture quality and virtually seamless Video Wall Displays Samsung’s video wall displays and digital signage offer an unrivalled combination of design and integration expertise, high quality professional display and audio systems and experienced professionals to make it all happen.

Video Wall Displays are especially necessary in environments such as control rooms where reliable, real-time information needs to be available 24/7. In the corporate environments Displays make a powerful statement. Samsung’s thin and light displays add a touch of elegance to corporate surroundings while their improved picture quality really gets any messages across. Lower power consumption means reduced energy costs as well as reduced heat radiating through the displays creates a more efficient space.

Video Wall Displays work successfully in the Education as well as Retail sectors, creating a more interactive tool with the benefit of Samsung’s touch screens.

Get the most impactful video walls with ultra-thin bezels providing virtually seamless images and high resolution giving you bright, colourful and amazing content that simply cannot be ignored.