NEC specializes in desktop and large-screen LCD displays. They supply a diverse line of high quality products.

NEC Display Solutions leverages award-winning display technologies and advanced research and development, while building on a rich history of product innovation. The quality of the NEC brand is also illustrated by the company’s customer-focused programs, industry-leading support and service benefits for a display solution.

Display solutions are customized to match the customer’s needs. Excellent follow-up services and support make NEC a valued supplier of Shellard Media.

NEC Products


nec-v300wFor the best in 3D projection experience, the NEC V300W is designed with 3D DLP Projector. The technology used by the DLP Link allows for the projection of 3D images. With a single projector and no special screen requirements and filters, projecting images is made very simple. To achieve the 3D feel, all one need to do is active LCD shutter glasses.

Among its prominent features are 3000 ANSI Lumen, HDMI, 1.2 to 13 projection distance, remote control, 6-segment colour wheel and intelligent power management.

The Polycom RMX video conferencing addresses this need for business people by giving them a system that is dynamic, scalable and reliable. Polycom RMX helps reduce cost and the complexity of implementation by allocating resources as and when they are needed by each call type.
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NEC X551SThe NEC X551S can be described as the engineering excellence the world of display. The product is perfectly engineered to lessen the depth and weight of light transmitted when it is in use. Additionally, the new slim option slot STv2 makes it easy to integrate PCs in a plug-and-play manner.

Again, the Notable applications for the NEC X551S are very common in the areas of transport, medicine, corporate conferencing, lobby and reception installations. The system is easy to install, providing free LAN control, software for central, convenient and cost-efficient maintenance and control.
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