About Us


20 Years of Delivering Superior Audio Visual Solutions

Shellard Media is passionate about audio visual. Over 20 years of innovative and quality audio visual implementations has demonstrated the company’s enthusiasm for superior service and quality products to its customers.

We are committed to providing audio visual solutions that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer. Shellard Media prides itself in offering world-class solutions and turnkey projects. We do not import our equipment but successfully utilize the local industry, which mean that our superior choice of equipment is not governed by obligations to overseas suppliers. We only install Audio Visual/ Video Conferencing solutions and equipment and have several years of superior expertise in implementation and installation of the highest quality solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Our on- and off-site technical team ensure seamless integration in every project, working hand in hand with our customer’s room designers and architects to design and implement the best possible solution. We ensure quality training of staff for all products and solutions installed.

Because Shellard Media has its own on-site workshop we do not need to outsource customer’s requirements but offer in-house fabricating, which means faster turnaround times and customer specific implementation for each unique installation.

Our solid relationships with our suppliers have ensured that we not only receive the best products that the market has to offer but also at lower cost prices for our customer.

Shellard Media prides itself in delivering solutions tailored to the needs of its customers that are of superior quality while also remaining cost effective to the client.